The Stirring of a Thousand Bells


Gamelan is one of the ancient music traditions of the world. In Solo, it’s still a part of everyday life, and an important cultural custom. A complex wonder of human invention, it comes from a timeless world of aural tradition, contemplation, and relaxed living. These films capture the essence of the gamelan tradition, in the context of the changing modern world. Come and experience Java through my eyes and ears. Feel what it’s like to be lost in a world of history. -MD

1. Sekaten - 35’15” - Experience Javas most cosmic music festival where the old world and the new are colliding, creating captivating images and sound. It attempts to put the viewer in the perspective of someone experiencing the Sekaten festival for the first time, leaving a sense of curiosity, and desire to learn more about Javanese culture.

2. Srimpi Muncar - 15’20” - Enchanting melodies and meditative dance from Mangkunegaran Palace, with arresting images from throughout Java.

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  • Matt Dunning

    • Matt Dunning (b.1984) grew up in Buffalo, New York and graduated from State University of New York Fredonia with degrees in History and International Studies. After University, Matt lived in Chicago where he founded the artist habitation project “No Sandbox”. Matt experiments with unorthodox methods of documentary film making, attempting to capture the flavor of mundane life. In 2011 He was awarded a two year artist residency at ISI Suraktarta in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. Director of BRENGENGING SALA( upcoming 2015). THE STIRRING OF A THOUSAND BELLS (2014), BREAKFAST SANDWICH: THE MOVIE (2012), and PRETTY MERMAIDS(TV) (2006)